Rowing is not easy. But like with any sport, there’s a commitment to learning effective technique; a desire to push yourself to be the best that you can be. Nine rowers from LBC rowing section were very keen to participate in the coaching session led by Geoff Booth on Sunday 8th September.

Words by Rachel Humphreys

Aimed at members who have been rowing for some time, Geoff spent time focusing on light fingers, to enable shallow blades - we were reminded that the boat only moves in a horizontal motion and that any energy sent up into the sky or down into the water, is wasted. We also focussed on achieving the perfect catch to allow maximum propulsion through the water with the least amount of effort!

When the coach talks...

Are we done? The boats were anxious to hit the water!

The weather was perfect and the gorgeous back drop of Discovery Bay was not to be taken for granted. At times we needed to be reminded not to rush; to fully connect with the water before the leg drive. Mindful that a good athlete always makes it look easier than it actually is, the LBC rowers tried to keep their game faces on despite immense concentration. Afterall, an effective stroke is a smooth relaxed stroke. Easier said than done!

It's rowing time!

The session was really worthwhile and LBC rowing section is most grateful to Geoff for generously giving of his time .





This little puppy also wanted to learn from Geoff !

After a hard and productive session it's beer time!

Happy Rowers!